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Bocce Nova

Bocce Nova Court.jpg

Home Court

1950 Still Meadow Road



Chip Wullbrandt

Sara O'Shaughnessy


Colette Eyears

Chris Hartman

Karen Hartman

Paula Hunsicker

Steve Kirby

Jim O'Shaughnessy

Sara O'Shaughnessy

Chip Wullbrandt

Karl Ward

Ann Wallace

Christie Poor

Harry Poor

Paul Slavic

Sue Herthel

Janet Wilczak

John Wilczak

Paige Lindquist

Neil Zuehlke

Karla Zuehlke

Michael D'Alise

Take Baseline to Still Meadow Road (1/2 way between Refugio and Alamo Pintado)


Turn north on Still Meadow Road to 1950 (balloons & a sign opposite our driveway)

Turn right and follow the driveway all the way to the end of the concrete drive, and then follow the parking signs.

Host's Rules

Rules: No smoking; no whining; have fun. Be aware for dogs and cats and sometimes kittens on the driveway.

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